The Band

thaband2 (20K)Laid on the foundation of CR Hamilton's love of the keys, 1 Down is a neo-soul jazz band made up of the Hamilton family. CR Hamilton (keyboards), Colin Hamilton Jr. (Lead Guitar), Timothy Hamilton (Bass Guitar), and Xander Hamilton (Percussions). 1 Down formed in 2008 in Richmond, VA. as a jazz group with a fusion of soul.

The Sound

The keyboards are the main ingredient in the group. Laying down smooth chords and rhythms laced with smart piano solos. The bass brings a funky and soulful mix to the keys and quickens the neo-sound in all the songs. Acoustic and electric guitars strum and pick into the songs adding melody, character, and a touch of pop to the music. Lastly, the percussions give boost to the 1 Down sound making it all that the listener hears and enjoys.

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The Future

Currently, 1 Down is seeking a vocalist to bring their songs alive and are also in the process of creating an expressive dance show where dancers perform the songs on stage. 1 Down is not just a band but production artist in search of unfound talent and bringing it to the public forum. Please check back often to see what new things they are doing.